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The Kincaid Werewolves Box Set Libros 1-3 (ebook)

The Kincaid Werewolves Box Set Libros 1-3 (ebook)

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gothic line

Los sexy cambiaformas lobo escoceses se encuentran con su pareja cuando se juntan con algunas muchachas fae con curvas en una carrera contra el tiempo. Estos machos alfa darían sus vidas por la seguridad de sus compañeros predestinados, pero pronto descubren que es mucho más doloroso entregar sus corazones.

Libro 1: Brock Hume es un cambiaformas solitario, y en este momento está cazando la presa más tentadora que haya encontrado en las calles de la madrugada de Seattle. Realmente no puede ayudarse a sí mismo. Su olor le recuerda a las flores de brezo de su tierra natal, y ella tiene curvas que no puede esperar para poner sus patas. Y ella estaba huyendo de él, un hombre lobo. El mejor juego de todos.

Libro 2: Marc Kincaid debe convencer a una manada de hombres lobo rivales de que su peor pesadilla está a punto de hacerse realidad. Para que su especie sobreviva, las manadas deben formar una alianza. Para ganárselos, tiene que jugar sus juegos. Pero se encuentra con un problema técnico inesperado: una hermosa chica Fae con curvas capaces de desarmarlo y una racha obstinada a la altura. Su respuesta a ella es instantánea y hambrienta, y lo hace arder por algo más que solo sobrevivir. Pero ella no es una regla que esté dispuesto a romper.

Libro 3: Testaruda como un toro e igual de intrépida, Bitsy captó su interés la primera vez que lo despreció. Pero antes de que tuviera la oportunidad de arreglar las cosas con ella, ella se soltó. Y aunque su lobo aulló en protesta por la pérdida, no tuvo más remedio que dejarla ir. Sin embargo, Keegan está acostumbrado a luchar por lo que quiere.

Y quiere a Bitsy.

Esta vez, ella no se escapará.

Main Tropes

  • Forbidden Romance
  • Forced Proximity
  • Curvy Girl
  • Cinnamon Roll Hero
  • His Brogue Comes Out When He's Emotional


 Run, little faerie. Run. I have all kinds of plans for what I'll do when I catch you.

Brock Hume is a lone wolf, and right now he's hunting the most tempting prey he's ever encountered. He really can't help himself. Her scent reminds him of the heather blossoms of his homeland, and she has curves he can't wait to get his paws on. And she was running from him… A werewolf.  

Heather Knight has to be the worst faerie ever, but being that she grew up as a human, that really shouldn't be a surprise. She can't even tell when a man isn't actually a man at all. And she really should have known, for no mortal human was that hot. To protect her heart—and her true identity—she runs.  

In a strange twist of fate, Brock and Heather find themselves thrown into the dark world of the fae. To win the game, and rescue the girl, Brock will have to learn the truth about his mate, but her secrets could also tear them apart…  

Chapter 1 Sample

The hunt was on. 

Brock lifted his face to the cool evening breeze and took a deep breath through his  nose. The faint, musky scent of Scottish heather blossoms lingered in the air and tickled  his senses.  

A strange thing to be smelling in the middle of downtown Seattle, he had to admit. His sapphire blue eyes sparkled with anticipation. He was getting close now.  Another few minutes and he'd be watching the seductive sway of Heather's full hips as  she sashayed down the city street.  

The thought made his mouth water and the blood pulse heavy within his veins.  Another waft of scented air hit him straight in the groin. In response, a feral growl  rumbled up from his chest, and he picked up his pace. Head and shoulders taller than any  of the human stragglers that were still out this late, he received more than a few sideways  looks as he plowed down the sidewalk. 

Inhaling deeply for more of the sweet scent, he moaned aloud. He could practically  taste her. Heather Knight: the human female with eyes the color of a fine cognac, warm  chestnut hair, and thick, womanly curves he couldn't wait to get his paws on.  

He'd met her only a few hours ago, after following her friend to an apartment  building. She'd opened her door dressed in nothing but yoga pants and a tank top, every  curve on full display, and he'd been wrapped up in knots over the woman ever since. And now she was running from him. Running from a werewolf.  

A predatory smile lit his eyes.  

Silly girl.

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Customer Reviews

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Great read from start to finish


This was a interesting book. You had drama excitement, action and love.With a twist of fate, Brock and Heather find themselves thrown into the dark world of the fae. To win a game and escape. Brock and Heather both have secrets will the secrets be to much for them or will they succeed. A great book that's keeps you reading🥰🥰


Could not put this down until it was finished. It was short and sweet. I can't wait to see more of this world and what it is leading to.


The characters were interesting, the couple seem to be on a dark road full of upcoming adventures, I liked the Scottish accents in the writing, it made me a bit homesick, well done L E Wilson, thanks for a new series!

Cynthia Hardegree

A wild ride with a Fae Prince as the conductor. Heather also a fae and Brock a werewolf struggle to endure what obstacles the Prince has set up. There's much danger, sex and craziness to keep you interested.