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L.E. Wilson

deathless Night complete bundled set books 1-6 (ebook)

deathless Night complete bundled set books 1-6 (ebook)

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gothic line

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Mine to protect. Mine to claim. Mine to keep.

When their world is threatened, six vampires solicit the help of a family of reluctant witches to break the curse that's been cast on them and stop the jealous designs of an outcast coven member.

Compelled to protect, forbidden to love, the vampires discover with one taste of their blood that they're bound to their witches by more than their shared cause.

 They're bound by fate. 

The Deathless Night series is a spicy, adult paranormal romance full of action and suspense, and maybe even a few Scottish werewolf shifters. It also features damaged, possessive, protective heroes and the strong heroines who steal their heart.

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(Deathless Night Series)

Love fated mates? Forbidden Romance? Enemies to Lovers? And Forced Proximity?
A Master Vampire has been missing for seven years—and those closest to him have been cursed by the jealous designs of the female who enslaved him. To save him, his vampires solicit the help of a family of reluctant witches. But with one taste, they soon discover it's not only their united cause drawing them together...
It's FATE.

This box set contains the entire series of L.E. Wilson's Deathless Night Series, including:

A Vampire Bewitched - Bound together by their shared cause, tormented by their fated attraction, Nikulas and Emma set out to find their siblings. He needs her blood to survive. But can Nikulas save her from the one thing that may ultimately destroy her—himself.

A Vampire's Vengeance Tortured and starved, Luukas's hunger for Keira wars with his lust for vengeance. His shattered mind must choose: to kill the witch or to love the angel—making her HIS, forever.

A Vampire Possessed - With a sexy British accent and bright grey eyes that dance with mischief, Aiden's touch makes Grace's blood sing. Yet, something about him makes her skin crawl, and it’s not just the fact he has fangs.

A Vampire Betrayed Christian finds himself at the carnal mercy of a woman with eyes like the midday sky and hair the colors of a summer sunset. His craving for her is unnatural, and watching her dance makes his blood burn like acid in his veins...

A Vampire's Submission Nothing prepared Laney for the monster that comes with the setting sun to stalk her. In the moments before he attacks, one word crashes through her terrified mind—Vampire. She manages to get away, but he tracks the call of her blood and ignites a passion in her that frightens her nearly as much as it thrills her.

A Vampire's Choice - Jesse Moss finds he's possessed with the memory of a vampire he feels compelled to protect for reasons he can't explain. Night after night, he lies wrapped in her scent, her whiskey voice invading his dreams, and for the first time in his solitary life, he feels alone in the dark. Restless and worried, he tracks her to her home and offers her a deal, if she will only agree to spend some time with him. A deal he has no intention of keeping...

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Nikulas pushed himself off the ground and rose to his full height. He rolled his head on his shoulders, then looked toward the house he’d been watching. 

Or rather, the female inside the house—Emma Moss. 

He’d been here every night for the past week, watching, waiting, learning her habits and her routine, hoping to pick up on something that would confirm his suspicions. 

So far he’d learned…absolutely nothing. Except she worked too much and seemed to be a vegetarian.

This was the first time he’d spent the entire night there, though. Usually he’d find a good vantage point in one of the trees surrounding her place right after sunset—about seven or eight at night—and he’d hang out until she went to bed around eleven. There was nothing much to see after that.

As far as he could tell, Emma was a loner. She had no family. No friends. She didn’t even have a pet.

And wasn’t that interesting in and of itself.

In spite of the fact he’d learned nothing to support what he knew about her, he didn’t consider the past week a complete waste of time. Mainly because Emma Moss was fucking hot. Boring…but hot. 

Even from halfway down her driveway hiding under a canopy of trees, he could see her well enough to know the female had been blessed with some good genes. Her body was lean and petite, and her face—framed by shoulder-length hair of some light, indecisive color…blond, maybe—could be on the cover of a magazine. 

He’d love to be able to see that hair in the sunlight…run his fingers through it…lift it to his nose. He’d bet she smelled great with all the showers she took. One every night as soon as she came home, and probably again in the morning. She seemed to be the type.

Nik had just decided it was time to leave when he saw her bedroom light come on. Curious as to what her morning routine was, he leaned back against his favorite tree, crossed his muscular arms over his hard chest, and prepared to watch the show. His eyes followed the light trail as she made her way downstairs in the god-awful robe she always wore and walked into the kitchen and out of sight. 

He waited where he was, thinking she wouldn’t be there long. Probably just getting a drink. 

Yup, there she goes, back upstairs, glass of water in hand. 

He grinned widely, proud of himself that he’d guessed correctly, but between one second and the next, his smile turned into a scowl. 

Man, I need to get a fucking life. 

Emma walked across the bedroom and into her bathroom. A few minutes passed, then the lights turned off one by one as she made her way downstairs annnd…out the front door. 

Nik shoved away from the tree. Shit! He needed to hightail it out of there, he wasn’t ready to be seen. Besides, it was way too close to dawn. Still safe for him to be out, but just barely. He really needed to go.

Instead, he pulled his hood up to cover his light hair and silently moved to a more concealed vantage point behind the tree.

He watched as she strode across the porch to the top of the steps and stretched, grabbing her feet behind her—first one, then the other. Nik’s eyebrows lifted when she bent over to touch her toes, giving him a full view of her ass. A pose that brought an interested lift to other parts of him, as well. She shook out her arms and legs, put her ear buds in, and headed his way at an easy jog. 

As she came closer and closer, Nikulas became as still as the trees around him. Standing in the pre-dawn shadows of a large maple, he watched, mesmerized, as the most stunning creature he’d ever seen passed within mere feet of him, completely unaware of his presence. 

Holy shit. 

His lungs began to ache as she jogged by, reminding him to breathe, and he sucked in a big gulp of air. A second later, he wished he hadn’t done that. 

Her luscious scent hit him hard, and his body responded instantly, gums burning as his fangs elongated. Saliva filled his mouth and his muscles hardened in preparation to hunt. To feed.


He’d spent the past week watching her from afar through the windows of her house, but nothing had prepared him for the sight, and smell, of her up close and personal. 

His eyes followed her with an interest bordering on obsession. She moved with the easy grace born to a natural runner. Her…oh yeah…strawberry-blond ponytail bounced in the breeze, and her flawless, alabaster skin was just starting to flush a bit from the wind and exertion. He watched her cute little backside—in those tight running pants—bounce by him and out to the end of her driveway, where she turned right and headed down the rural road.

He scrubbed a hand over his mouth as he watched her. 

FUCK me.

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What readers are saying:

★★★★★ - " the perfect blend of humor and dark intensity for me.   I can't wait to read Aiden's book! He's my favorite character. Which is a little disturbing since he has a severed head collection. But he likes marshmallows. A man after my own heart." - A Vampire Bewitched Reader

★★★★★ -  "Thoroughly enjoyed every word. The plot, pace and character development were well thought out and written. "Buff and fangy" indeed! It keeps you enchanted from start to finish. HOT, HOT, HOT sex, a feisty leading lady and the HEA we all need. Will definitely recommend this series. - A Vampire Bewitched Reader

★★★★★ - "I truly enjoyed reading this story, it's one of the Best vampire stories that I've read 😃. Fantastic characters, great setup for a new series and a addicting storyline 😊. Thanks L.E., I'm so looking forward to reading more 🤓. - A Vampire Bewitched Reader

gothic line

Books Included with this Bundle

- The Deathless Night Series

  • A Vampire Bewitched
  • A Vampire's Vangeance
  • A Vampire Possessed
  • A Vampire's Submission
  • A Vampire Betrayed
  • A Vampire's Choice
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Customer Reviews

Based on 256 reviews
Miranda E.

Spoilers (Kinda. Not sure if what I revealed counts but now you've been warned).This author has the perfect blend of humor and dark intensity for me. And can I just say I can't wait to read Aiden's book! He's my favorite character. Which is a little disturbing since he has a severed head collection. But he likes marshmallows. A man after my own heart.

angi 399

I've all of these now they do get very interesting they make you smile an be happy for the guys who find there special lady 😊

R Ferritto

Seven years! Wow. Emma and Nikulas waiting for any news of their siblings' fate. Emma doesn't have any clues to follow; Nik knows who captured his brother. As fated mates, a witch and a vampire, they come together to rescue their family.Immensely enjoyed the first book. Bought the second in the series. Can't wait to read about the siblings and how they survived.


A Vampire Bewitched, written by L.E. Wilson, is the first book in the Deathless Night series. This is also the first book I have read by this author, but it won't be the last. This story held me captive from start to finish. It is well written, with a good plot, likeable characters, paranormal beings and witches, danger, adventure, friendships, family, fated mates, some spicy scenes, love and a happily-ever-after. I am looking forward to reading the second book in this series.

No Name Used

Enjoyed the book. I enjoy the snarky chemistry and sarcastic characters. I liked how the side characters were introduced. It is a easy to tell they will be in future novels, but they did not seemed to be thrown in to simply connect one book to another, like I've read in other books. There wasn't any overly done character development for them, but enough to give a personality.I felt the ending seemed rushed. Although I'm fine with cliffhanger ending, this felt like a longer ending was shoved into 3-4 pages.