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a Vampire's vengeance (paperback)

a Vampire's vengeance (paperback)

Deathless Night Series

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gothic line

(Deathless Night Series Book 2)

Tortured. Cursed. Enslaved.

But he will take his vengeance…and the witch responsible…


Master Vampire Luukas Kreek has been a captive in chains for years. Emaciated and weak, only one need keeps the madness from swallowing him whole.


The witch with the face of an angel has taken his power for far too long. He’ll do whatever it takes to destroy her. Until one taste of her blood confirms that she’s so much more than an enemy.

 Keira Moss is HIS

She claims she never wanted to hurt him. That she’s as much a victim in this whole ordeal as he is.

But he’s not sure he can ever believe her.

The man he used to be could’ve loved her. Would’ve cherished her forever. She won’t survive the monster he’s become.

The monster she created…     


A Vampire’s Vengeance, book 2 in the Deathless Night series, is a dark, steamy and spicy, fated mates, enemies to lovers paranormal romance with a strong heroine and the damaged, obsessive, possessive hero who falls for her completely against his will. Download today and get ready for a very bumpy ride to happily ever after.  

Main Tropes

  • Enemies to Lovers
  • Fated Mates
  • Forced Proximity
  • Touch her and you die
  • Darker than book one


Tortured. Cursed. Enslaved.

But he will take his vengeance…and the witch responsible… 

Master Vampire Luukas Kreek has been a captive in chains for years. Emaciated and weak, only one need keeps the madness from swallowing him whole.


The witch with the face of an angel has taken his power for far too long. He’ll do whatever it takes to destroy her. Until one taste of her blood confirms that she’s so much more than an enemy.

 Keira Moss is HIS

She claims she never wanted to hurt him. That she’s as much a victim in this whole ordeal as he is.

But he’s not sure he can ever believe her.

The man he used to be could’ve loved her. Would’ve cherished her forever. She won’t survive the monster he’s become.

The monster she created…     


Chapter 1 - Sample

Luukas was jolted back to consciousness as a searing pain tore through his abdomen. His eyes shot open to see a long silver blade carving through the layers of skin and muscle, splitting him open like a gutted deer. Hanging by the wrists as he was, he could do nothing but watch in horror as warm blood gushed down the front of his dirty jeans, soaking through the material to stick to the bare skin beneath.

His fangs punched down in defense, a loud hiss escaping him as he threw his head back, gritting his teeth against the pain. Half a second later, fire burned through the same path as the blade before it, the stench of his own burning skin making his stomach heave. He struggled not to scream, but the hoarse sound ripped from his raw throat against his will, the agony too much for him to bear in silence. The flames sizzled inch by slow inch across his stomach, cauterizing the wound.

His dislocated shoulders jutted grotesquely through his skin as he twisted his torso back and forth, trying to escape the flames, but the silver manacles around his wrists held fast to the wall above his head. Just when he thought he was going to pass out again, it stopped, leaving behind a dull throbbing ache from his ribcage to his hip. He sagged on his chains, sucking in ragged breaths, praying to all the gods that he would pass out again.

Or better yet, that he would just die already. Die a vampire's true death.

“He’s awake now, mistress.”

At the sound of that sniveling voice, Luukas struggled to lift his heavy head. He detested that voice. Peering through the slits of his swollen eyes, he attempted to locate the source of it, and found it directly in front of him in the form of a young, dark-skinned, male vampire: young in both human and vampire years.

Their eyes met and held, and the young one’s own grew wide at what he saw. The piece of shit stumbled backwards, the flaming torch he’d pulled off of the wall and used on Luukas falling from his hand to land with a soft thump on the dirt floor. The long, bloody knife he held in the other hand joined it with a clatter a moment later.

Maybe he was surprised that Luukas could still focus on him. Maybe he saw his imminent death in the soulless, black eyes that now had him on their radar. Whatever it was, it caused him to impatiently ask the person on his left, “May I please leave now, mistress?”

He must have been granted permission, for he hightailed it out of the room, practically running for the open door and heading towards the stone stairway across the way.

Luukas’ vehement stare followed him across the room, his lip curling up in a sneer when the coward dared to peek back at him over his shoulder. He paled beneath his dark skin when he saw that Luukas was still tracking him, and he kicked it into vamp speed, disappearing up the stairs.

Luuk’s eyes skittered back across the room after he was gone, coming to rest on someone else huddled in the corner, as far away from him as they could get. He winced as he blinked his raw eyes, trying to focus through the sweat running into them, but he couldn’t get a clear view, there were too many shadows from the flickering light of the torches on the walls.

He had a vague feeling that he should know that cowering form, but he was so tired. His head fell forward onto his chest, only to jerk upright again almost immediately. Something pulled his attention to that corner, no matter how he tried to ignore it.

He studied the person again. He could just barely make out a small form with long, dark hair, but little else, as she kept her head down. And it was definitely a she. He could see that even through the blanket she held wrapped tightly around herself.

Did he know her? He tried to remember, but his thoughts were so disordered, jumping around randomly in his head. He couldn’t seem to concentrate on any one thing for more than a few seconds at a time.

Gradually, through the haze of his pain, he began to notice other things.

He was in a large, dimly lit room dug from the earth; a cell of sorts, with no windows. The smell of wet earth was heavy in the air, coating the back of his throat, and a consistent drip, drip, drip off to his right tantalized him with the promise of water. He tried to wet his cracked lips with his sandpaper tongue. He was so thirsty.

Where the fuck was he? What was he doing here? His head pounded as he tried hard to remember.

Suddenly, he sensed a darker entity in the room. He could practically feel the evil oozing through the air towards him. Tearing his eyes from the girl in the corner, he rolled his head to the other side until he was able to focus on the female slithering towards him from the opposite direction.

Her blood-red eyes flashed as she met his gaze, a pleased smile curving her lips.

“Leeha,” he rasped.

Memories crashed mercilessly into his head, banging around his skull until he groaned from the impact.

He remembered now.

Seven Years Ago

He’d left his apartment in Seattle to go meet with Leeha, alone, a female vampire who’d been adopted into his colony, and who’d decided to leave of her own accord to form one of her own, after he’d rejected her amorous overtures.

She'd continued her propositions towards him even after she'd left, doing everything she could think of to try to convince him to do the unheard of - mate with another vampire. It was a ludicrous idea. Vampires couldn't sustain one another. One half of the couple always needed to be a human. There was no other acceptable match for their kind. Whenever two vampires tried to mate, the fighting and jealousy that ensued from the need to feed on others, on humans, inevitably tore them apart, often violently. Vampires were way too territorial to share their significant other, and feeding was way

too intertwined with the need for sex.

They were also too possessive to share their hard-won territory, even with a prized mate.

He’d agreed to meet with her because he'd wanted to convince her once and for all that although she was free to form her own settlement if she so chose, he was never going to combine hers with his and rule alongside of her. A harsh reality she was having trouble accepting.

His brother, Nikulas, had tried to make him stay, or at least to take someone with him, but he’d stubbornly...stupidly...refused, insisting on going alone.

Driving north to the Canadian border, he’d easily “persuaded” the officials there that his passport was legit, and passed through without a problem. Less than thirty minutes later, he’d pulled off the main road towards Leeha’s mountain fortress.

It’d never crossed his mind that he’d be driving into a trap, or at least not one that would ever actually work. He was one of the most powerful vampires of his time, and was, therefore, invincible.

Or so he'd believed.

Foolishly, he’d underestimated the danger he’d been in. Never in a million years would he have thought that Leeha would manage to find a way to harness him, a Master vampire. Her Master, until she’d banished herself, taking every young, besotted male in his colony along with her.

But not only had she managed to harness his power, with a little help, she’d managed to keep him in this hellhole against his will for...he had no idea how long now.

Days? Months? Years?

In the beginning, she’d kept him confined to an opulent room directly next door to hers. He’d tried every mental and physical power he possessed to escape, all to no avail. It was like he’d become human again.

She’d laughed at his efforts, and tried to convince him, both with her words and her body, to see things her way. He’d refused over and over, rejecting both her ideas and her offering of herself, adamantly demanding that she release him. Even with the evidence proving otherwise, he’d arrogantly refused to believe that anyone could get the best of him. She’d responded to his stubbornness by refusing him blood to drink, starving him and debilitating him even more. He hadn't worried overmuch, even then, as he knew his brother would come looking for him when he didn't return home.

Then had come the day she’d finally lost her patience with him. Barging into his room, she’d charged over to where he sat on the floor in the corner, arms resting on his drawn-up knees, head down. She’d appeared quite remorseful, even as she’d given him one last chance to redeem himself and agree to be with her, before he forced her to take more drastic measures.

He’d slowly raked his eyes up her body, taking in her delicate high heels, her long legs and full breasts barely concealed in a black, gossamer gown, her graceful arms and long, thick, red hair. Her haunted, blood red eyes had been luminous with unshed tears, but were steady in her conviction of what she must do if he refused her.

Luukas had smiled at her warmly, and watched her expression turn to one of tentative relief.

Hope had shone from her eyes, and the corners of her full lips had turned up into a hesitant smile. Clasping her hands together in front of her with joy, she’d stepped closer, holding them out to him.

Ignoring her outstretched hands, Luukas had pushed himself up off of the floor, slowly straightening up to his full height.

As he’d towered over her, uncertainty had flashed briefly across her face before her smile reappeared full force. 

“Have you finally changed your mind then, my love?”

“Leeha,” he’d purred, “I would sink my dick into a stinking, rotting corpse before I

would fuck you.”

The sound of her slap had echoed through the room, merging with her screech of rage. 

“You bastard!” Visibly fighting for control, she’d taken a deep breath. “You will

regret this, Luukas Kreek. I am about to make your life so excruciatingly painful; you’ll wish you were a rotting corpse. But have no doubts, you will be with me, one way or the other, even if I have to forcibly keep you here. Forever.”

Luukas had smiled as she’d screamed for her freakish guards, and continued to smile as they’d lurched into the room, their putrid smell making him gag as their long, yellow claws dug into his arms and they’d dragged him from the room.

His brother would appear any moment, he was certain.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Kis Baadsgaard

I love it. It's well written entertain and fun. Absolutely good time spent. If you i love vampire and romance than dig in❤️


I love the story line in this collection of books it keeps you glued to what is going on definately worth the read

Carol Wilson

I didn't find a good story in this book. The super powerful vampire and witch are tortured nearly to death, miraculously escape and the rest of the story is a hobglobin mix-up of the vampire needing some really good mental therapy and drugs to revive himself.


Tortured and almost driven insane Luukas has been held captive for seven years. The insane vampire who has him is convinced they should mate and has tried everything to get him to agree. He's a master vampire and the only reason he can't escape is because the witch took his power. Keira hates what she's had to do but her sister's life has been threatened. When the torture goes too far she's sworn to herself she will try to help Luuk. Luuk's brother Nik has been searching for him and finally finds him. With the help of some werewolf friends they finally break Luuk and Keira out but it's obvious to Nik his brother is not the same. The story is gripping and made some excellent reading.


So full of excitement and mystery. The characters keep you wanting to know more. Looking forward to reading the next one in this series.