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Vom Vampir abgeschworen (EBOOK)

Vom Vampir abgeschworen (EBOOK)

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gothic line

Deathless Night-Into The Dark-Reihe – Buch 3

Ich habe einen Deal mit einem Teufel gemacht. Und jetzt bezahle ich für meine Sünden.

Aber ich habe einen Plan, das Problem zu beheben ... bis mir ein bestimmter Vampir in die Quere kommt. Jamal ist der Inbegriff von groß, dunkel und verführerisch. Und er braucht mich (und mein Blut) mehr, als er zugeben möchte. Schade, dass er buchstäblich lieber sterben würde , als mir zu gehören. Allerdings bin ich nicht bereit, ihn gehen zu lassen ...

Ich wurde als Sklave geboren. Ich weigerte mich, als einer zu sterben.

Nicht einmal für eine Hexe wie Angel Moss. Mit Haaren wie Feuer und einem Körper, der für die Sünde gemacht war, machte nichts an ihr ihrem Namen alle Ehre. Das hätte ausreichen sollen, um mich zu warnen, aber wie eine Motte vom Feuer werde ich in ihre Geheimnisse gelockt. Und mit dem ersten Geschmack ihres Blutes dringt die Wahrheit in mich ein wie ein wahrgewordener Albtraum.

Angel gehört MIR, nur dass sie mich nicht in den Himmel bringt.

Sie schleppt mich in die Hölle.

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Main Tropes

  • Interracial Romance
  • Touch Her and Die Vibes
  • Enemies to Lovers
  • Fated Mates
  • Mates at first bite


I made a deal with a devil. And now I’m paying for my sins.

But I have a plan to fix it…until a certain vampire gets in my way. Jamal is the epitome of tall, dark, and seductive. And he needs me (and my blood) more than he wants to admit. Too bad he’d literally rather die than be mine. However, I’m not ready to let him go…

I was born a slave. I refused to die as one.

Not even for a witch like Angel Moss. With hair like fire and a body made for sin, nothing about her lived up to her name. That right there should have been enough to warn me away, but like a moth to a flame, I’m lured into her secrets. And with the first taste of her blood, the truth slams into me like a nightmare come true. 

Angel is MINE, only she isn’t taking me to heaven.

She’s dragging me to hell.

Chapter 1 Sample


Tonight was the night I would leave.

I repeated this to myself over and over as I walked out of The Purple Fang, the male strip club my coven owned on Bourbon Street in The French Quarter of New Orleans. It was where we performed, and also where we fed. And the only place I felt like I didn't belong to anyone but myself.

It hadn't been my choice to work there. We were forced into the club by the restrictions of the witches. However, taking off my clothes for an audience was my choice. The women I gave special attention to in the back room were my choice. And the women I fed from and sometimes fucked were my choice. 

Not anyone else's. MINE.

I pulled up the collar of my jacket to keep the wind off the back of my neck as I checked out the vibe outside the club. Things could get a little dicey in this part of the city at night, and it was always good to know what I was about to walk into. Wouldn't want to get caught by surprise and vamp out on somebody by accident. That always caused all kinds of problems. Girls screaming. Dudes pissing their pants. People getting trampled. And it was hard to catch everyone who saw what happened so we could make them forget. Then we had to bring the witches in, and they never failed to give us shit about it.

Girls who'd traded their bras for beads after too many Hurricanes and now couldn't find their hotel? I was more than happy to help get them there safe and sound in exchange for a tiny sip of that sweet blood they would never remember. Guys who couldn't handle their alcohol and were chasing each other up and down the street with busted beer bottles? Yeah, nah. Imma be getting the hell out of there quick. Let the cops handle those idiots.

It had started raining sometime earlier this afternoon, so Bourbon Street was relatively empty. And I was glad for it because I didn't bring the car. At least with no one around I didn't have to pretend to be human. I'd be home before the rain had a chance to soak my clothes. I could pack some stuff and be out of there before Killian had a chance to stop me. Because that's exactly what he would do. He wouldn't be able to help himself, no matter how much I told him I needed to go. And that's the only reason I had to sneak out without saying goodbye to him and the other four vampires I'd spent so many decades with. But he left me no choice. And if I timed it just right, I could be in a completely new place by Christmas.

I started home, but I'd only gone about two blocks when I remembered I'd told Lizzy--Killian's new mate--I would stop by her shop for her. She'd left her dog's medication there, and rather than have her run out in the cold rain to get it, I told her I would stop on my way home since Killian was going to be stuck at the club for a while yet. My last good deed.

I liked Lizzy, and I liked her dog, Wiggles, and not only because she kept Killian off my back most of the time. It was just nice having another woman in the house. Good to come home and have the house smell like whatever she'd cooked for dinner. I couldn't eat it, but it was still nice. And she was an easy person to be around. She made it comfortable there. Homey. So, for her, I'd trek an extra few blocks out of my way, and even get my clothes wet.

About half a block from Lizzy's store, Ancient Magicks, I slowed down, narrowing my eyes. With my dark skin and clothes, it was easy for me to step into the entrance to a courtyard and not be noticed. Someone had just come out the door, the tinkling of the bell over the door coming to me easily down the empty street. The person's back was to me, and all I could tell was that it was a woman. Human. Her scent tickled my nose, made stronger by the humidity in the air. With a wave of her hand, she locked the door again--or so I assumed--looked up and down the street, and walked away, her hands shoved in her pockets and her bright red hair mostly covered with the hood of her black raincoat.

A witch. I knew that red hair, bright as a candied apple against her pale, white skin, reminding me of Leeloo in The Fifth Element. One of my favorite movies. As I watched her walk away, I let the witch put some distance between us as memories flashed through my head, one after the other. 

Angel, that was her name. Angel Moss. One of the witches from the local coven run by Judy, Lizzy's aunt. I'd seen her around here and there over the last few years, but my most recent memory was from the night we'd all been here at the shop as they cast a spell to try to find Kenya, my best friend in the coven, after she'd disappeared on us. My stomach clenched as I remembered that night. It was something I'd rather try to forget. Like, for real.

When she was a good three blocks away from me, I started to follow her, curious as to what she was doing in there this late. I hadn't seen anything in her hands, but that didn't mean anything. She was a witch. She could hide shit easily. A fucking elephant could be strolling alongside her and I would never know it if she didn't want me to. 

That kind of shit creeped out some vampires, and I was one hundred and fifty percent one of those bloodsuckers. It was strange, because I grew up with women--and some men--practicing voodoo they'd brought with them from Haiti when they were forced to relocate to this country. But what the witches here practiced was nothing like voodoo. Nah. That shit was a different beast entirely. And it made my skin crawl like roaches were embedded in the muscle beneath it.

Angel stopped suddenly in the middle of the sidewalk, her head turning slightly, like she was listening to something. I ducked into a doorway, my own sensitive ears attuned to the night, but I heard nothing but the rain hitting the pavement and my own soft breathing. Did she sense me here somehow? I waited for her to turn around and look right at me, but she didn't. After a few heartbeats, she crossed the street and headed toward the Garden District. I wondered why she hadn't brought her car.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
westie dog

I really enjoyed reading this book. The characters and story line are great. With plenty of heat to keep you warm.Worth giving a readI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.


I haven't been able to ARC read and review too much for Ms. Wilson, of late. However, I did manage to get in on this book and I have to say it's good. The best thing I like about Ms. Wilson's stories is that you don't have to read them consecutively in order to appreciate the current story you're experiencing. There is always enough back story to keep you apprised and, cause you to lengthen your Books To Be Read list.This story is well written, with proper grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary. I found one (1) typo in the whole story. The characters are well developed and believable. But what I enjoyed most was how well the story flowed.Thank you, L.E. Wilson for this opportunity to ARC another of your books.


This is a NON-SPOILER REVIEW of Forsworn by the Vampire, the third book in the Deathless night - Into The Night series by L.E. Wilson. The story continues with Jamal and Angel finding each other. Marcus is still a threat and his continued presence has the coven and vampires on edge. Angel's secrets are about to come to light which will not only put her life in danger, but Mike and Jamal might also feel the fallout. A great read that has some resolution, but leaves an opening for the next book in the series. Action, drama, betrayal, sexy stripper vampires, steamy sex and angry witches combine to make a great story come to life. Mature Readers Only Please.This honest and voluntary review was made possible by reading a copy through Booksprout.

Rebecca Stigers

Jamal is one messed up vamp! He doesn't feel free...first of all he was born a slave and had a master..then he was turned and had another "master" of a different kind. He didn't ask to be turned but he was. Then he meets Angel the beautiful red headed witch.. Who turns out to be his mate! He doesn't want a mate! To him its another "master" ! Man he has problems! But when there's a chance that he could loose it all what will he do?Now all I should have to say is this is L.E. Wilson! That alone should tell you the story is awesome!


I started Forsworn by the Vampire and it pulled me in. I HAD to find out about Jamal but then came Angel and oh my! The banter between the two and their own inner monologs are great and the descriptions are detailed so well you can see the entire thing unfold.I really enjoyed this book and look forward to the next in the series (no pressure LE Wilson).I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.